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Mini Pen Black Sand Magnet

Plunger Type, Quick Release

Stainless Steel

5/8'' magnet diameter

Has approx 5lb pull - ( Lift Power )

Water resistant

With metal pocket clip

Pull Gold Magnet away from the gold concetrate in pan then release button to remove magnetics

Magnet pull black sand and other magnetic materials away from concentrate thus making it easier to extract and separate fine gold from other minerals.




# 2109 $5.99 In Stock

Mini Black Sand Magnet

• Magnetic Capacity: 8 LB
Diameter of Magnetic Base: 2-1/4"

Height 4-3/8''

Pull Handle Quick Release




#2001 $9.99  In Stock

Big Black Sand Magnet   

Gold mag nets are an invaluable tool for the final stage of gold panning. Removing those pesky black sands or magnetite from your concentrates can be a real chore - make life much easier with one of our proven gold magnets. Works best dry - but will work wet as well.



#2002 $11.99  In Stock

Gold Snuffer Bottle   

This acts as a hand- held vacuum, sucking up the finest gold with ease. After filling the bottle with water, insert the lock tube and screw on the funnel tightly. Be sure the gold in your pan is covered with water. Squeeze the bottle and use the water jet stream to push the gold into the center. By releasing the pressure on the bottle, the suction will snuff up the gold through the tube into the bottle. Once in the bottle, the gold is trapped and the bottle can be used again.





5oz - #2004 $4.99  In Stock

3oz - #2003 $3.99  In Stock


Garrett Gold Guzzler Bottle   

Garrett Premium gold guzzler bottle acts as a vacuum sucking, picks up the gold out of the gold pan when squeezed and released.




#2005 $5.99  In Stock

Suction Tweezers

Clear polypropylene tweezers are ideal for saving time when extracting tiny gold particles from your gold pan.





# 2112 $0.55  In Stock

Glass Vials  

Glass Vials feature Secure Screw Caps - great for holding small gold nuggets and fine flour or flake gold.

1/2 oz - #2006 $0.55  In Stock

   1 oz - #2007 $0.65  In Stock

   2 oz - #2008 $0.75  In Stock

   3 oz - #2010 $0.85 In Stock

   4 oz - #2011 $0.99 In Stock


Bulb Snifter

Use under water to extract small gold specimens by squeezing & releasing bulb. The tube extends into the bulb to trap gold inside, so the snifter can be used repeated without having to clean out each time.  




$16.99  #2015 Sold Out

Deluxe Bulb Snifter

Use under water to extract small gold specimens by squeezing & releasing bulb.Reservoir causes heavy materials such as gold to drop & separate from sand. Bottle removes for cleaning 


$22.99  #2016 Sold Out

Fine Point Tweezer 

These stainless steel tweezers are the same instruments jewelers use for handling extra fine specimens. Measuring 5 inches in length, these tweezers are a necessity.

$3.99  #2017 In Stock

Curved Fine Point Tweezer   

These are the same curved tip tweezers jewelers use for handling extra fine specimens. 5 inches in length.





$3.99  #2018 In Stock


6pc Tweezers Set With Wooden Box

* #1, #3c, #5, #7A, #AA & #SS

* Stainless Steel

* Black Oxidized Finish

* Hardness: 40-45 HRC

* Non Magnetic

* Acid Resistant

* Rust Resistant






$14.99  #2120 In Stock

Crevice Tool 

This is simply a great tool for scraping crevices clean of wet or dry material.







$15.99  #2019 In Stock

Premium Crevice Tool 

Each crevice tools are hand forged. Each one is then hand tempered and hot dipped with a red tip. The two different edges make short work of cracks in the rock. The sharp side is great for loosening up and scrapping the material. The other side is a small spoon making it so you can scoop up any material knocked loose by the fine tip.








$19.99  #2020 In Stock

  10" Stright Foecep (Stainless Steel)

Forceps are a handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects. Great tool for getting that nugget deep in the bedrock crack.





$7.99  #2022 In Stock

  5-1/5'' Virtus Splinter Foecep (Stainless Steel)

Great for getting them little nuggets out from cracks in the bedrock.






$6.99  #2023 In Stock

Hand Trowel  

• Length: 11”
• Width: 3-1/8”
• Very Strong Nylon Plastic Material
• Black & Orange Color
• 4” (10cm) Measuring Scale on Scoop
• Rubberized Thumb Grip on Handle
• Eyelet on End of Handl


$3.99  #2021 In Stock


Treasure Scoop  ( Black, Blue or Green )

A must have tool for your metal detector or gold prospecting kit.

Reinforced plastic non metallic scoop designed to recover gold nuggets and coins. Pass the scoop over your detector and targets will sound off. The tool is over 12 inches long from tip to tip and the scoop is almost 4 inches wide.



$8.99  #2022 In Stock

Panner's Glove

These full-length gloves are the ultimate fashion statement among gold panners! All the panning pro's can be seen wearing these heavy duty insulated gloves in optic orange. Fabulous for protecting hands in cold water and a must for safety when working with mild chemicals.

Gloves color are green.








$52.99  #2023 Out Of Stock

24" Black Rubber Glove 

Great for gold panning in cold water.






$14.99  #2099 In Stock


Mosquito Net Hat     


Complete with camo hat to keep net comfortably away from your face 
The fine mesh net is designed to protect from even the smallest biters! 
Perfect for Prospecting, fishing, hunting, hiking, walking or for holidays abroad 
Elasticated neck making it easy to put on and off 
Color: Camo 




$5.99  #2070 In Stock

Estwing Rock Picks     

High quality 14 & 22 ounce rock pick that will last a lifetime. Heavy duty blue rubber grip is ideal for underwater use for both comfort and visibility.



14 oz - $48.99  #2024 In Stock

22 oz - $55.99   #2025 In Stock

22 oz Long Handle - $58.99  #2026 In Stock

Estwing Rock Picks Leather Grip     

High quality 13 & 22 ounce rock pick that will last a lifetime. Heavy duty blue rubber grip is ideal for underwater use for both comfort and visibility.





13 oz - $55.99  #2092 In Stock

22 oz - $58.99  #2027 In Stock

Hammer Rock Pick      


Brand new 20 oz Rock Pick Hammer. This heavy, well balanced hammer has a rubberized handle for a comfortable grip. This hammer is made of a single piece of drop forged metal.



$24.99  #2029 In Stock                        

18'' Gold Pick      

Introducing the newest Pick specially designed for the serious prospectors with it's aggressive point & weight, it makes short work of breaking the thoughest ground that you can tackle. The Pick is not made or improvised from farming plow discs of leaf springs or other inferior products intended for different applications. This is the last Pick you will ever need to buy!

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$55.99  #2053  In Stock

3-IN-1 Mini Folding Shovel

* Shovel, Pick & Saw

* Folded Length: 6-1/8"

* Extended Length 16-1/8"

* Shovel Head Dimensions: 3" x 4-7/8"

* Shovel Thickness: 1/16"

* Comes with Carrying Case




$14.99  #2121 In Stock

Backpackers Folding Shovel

Tri-Fold Shovel
24" long including handle, 6" x 8" shovel blade.
Saw Teeth Blade
Heavy Duty
Weight 2.6 lbs.
A folding shovel is a must to include in emergency kits,
camping supplies, and recreation gear.




$14.99  #2031 In Stock

Compact Magnetic Prospector's Pick

Overall Length 18 5/8''

Collapsed Length 10''

Stainless Steel Head with Magnet

Aluminum Handle with Magnet

Pouch Incuded

Great for camping, prospecting and treasure hunting.





$59.99  #2110 Sold Out

Gold Crevice Sucker


This handy tool is wonderful to use when working in the creeks, while dredging and more. Features a powerful 36 x 2" vacuum chamber with 1/2'' x 13" and 3/4'' x 13'' cravice tip. Light weight and easy to use, just imagine all the gold you will capture that may have been lost!







$59.99  #3056  In Stock

Jewellers Eye Loupe 

  • Magnifier 30x
  • 26mm Quality Glass lense
  • Metal construction
  • Folds away to protect the lense
  • Suitable For:  Beads, Bracelets, Brooches/ Pins, Diamond, Earrings, Gold, Necklaces, Pendants, Rings, Silver




$12.99  #2048 In Stock

Eye Loupe LED Light   


• Magnification: 40X
• Lens Diameter: 25mm
• 1 Super Bright White LED Bulbs
• 1 UV Bulb
• UV Wavelength: 380-385nm
• Plastic Case
• Requires 3AG10 Batteries (Batteries Are Included)
• Unlimited Use for Home, Office, Hobby, Fine Detailed Work, Jewelry Making, Watches Etc

$13.99#2051 In Stock

Multibank Pocket Prospector UV Light


Provides both longwave and shortwave UV light commonly used geologists and treasure hunters alike to detect fluorescent minerals. Runs on four standard AA batteries.




$199.99  #2096 In Stock

Rock Net


This 12 foot rock net is a must for any boulder moving operation and takes only a few minutes to set up. Constructed of 1/4'' heavy dudy 7000 pound test cable.


$139.99  Cooming Soon