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Clay Be Gonee                             

Drops clay and other suspended material from water in seconds flat! A very handy item for use in panning, tubs, concentrating tables and much more! Fully compatible with soaps and other surface additives.                           







$15.99  #3001 In Stock

Gold Drop                                     

Often gold can be held in suspension by oils present in material while panning or using a small concentrator. Gold Gold drop corrects that in a jiffy by doing exactly what the name says!





$7.99  #3002 In Stock

Cast Iron Mortal & Pestle

Grind, grind and grind some more with this large cast iron mortar and pestle. Sometimes the tried and true old fashioned tools will only do the job. Measures 5" tall.                       




$69.99  #3006  In Stock

Royal Gold Super Shaker

Make your life easier with the Royal Gold Super Shaker. Shovel your meterial into the classifier and just step on the pedal. It will shake it four times horizontally and produce 2 "pounding" vertiacal action. Change classifier easily with the flip of 3 spring clips.

Key Features:

* Shovel and classify without setting your shovel down.

* The emptying of rocks is at waist level. No bending over.

* Foot pedal operation eliminates motor and batteries.

* Heavy dudy fonnel ensures dirt falls in bucket.

* Use your own classifier screen from most manufacturers.

* Replaceable Bronze Bushings at all wear points.

* Zinc plated steel for long rust free life.

* Cam action plate made of AR (Abrasion Resistant) Steel.

* 27 lbs of durability.

* Patent Pending.


$289.99  #3100 In Stock

12V Bilge Pump

These 12 volt submersible pumps are the standard pumps used on gold wheels, mini-sluices and recirculating systems. 18 month warranty.

* draws 2.5 amps.


  500 GPH $32.99  #3090 In Stock

  750 GPH $34.99  #3088 In Stock

1100 GPH $41.99  #3074 In Stock




Alligator Claps

Pair of battery clips (one red and one black) for 12v pumps. Approximately 3 inch in length.






$2.99 #4055 In Stock


Blue Bowl Concentrator

Recover your fine gold quickly and easily from water flow from a water pump, battery powered pump or a simple garden hose! This spiffy bowl uses only 3 gallons of water per minute and has no parts to wear out or replace! Made of high impact plastic and so easy to set up on its folding legs that its ideal for taking out in the field.

$125.99  #3014 In Stock



Blue Bowl Leg Levelers

Having problems getting that Blue Bowl perfectly level? Here is the solution to your problem. Get the leg levelers and never run into problems with your bowl not being level again. This product is the leg levelers only.

$34.99 #3015 In Stock

Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit

Package Includes

* Blue Bowl Concentrator

* Levellers leg

* 500 gph 12 volt pump

* 4 feet 3/4 inch flex hose

* Hose fittings

* 12 liter pail


$194.95  #3101  In Stock

Desert Fox Spiral Gold Wheel

Variable Speed

The DESERT FOX spiral wheel has seven separate spirals which pick up gold seven times with each rotation of the wheel (105 times per minute). The seven spirals dump gold into the tube-shaft and into a hanging gold catch-cup. The DESERT FOX wheel with its pitch adjustment and water spray system, helps the operator "tune out" the black-sand and process 70 pounds of concentrates per hour.



$439.99  #3017 In Stock   (January Sale $379.99)

Gold Miner Spiral Wheel

• Built-in agitators vibrate concentrates to settle gold
• Decreases processing time 25%
• Self-contained carrying case
• Runs all day on three gallons of water

The spiral pan is 12" in diameter and is made of injection molded plastic for years of reliable service.

Take your Gold Miner spiral panning machine anywhere. The entire weight of the unit is less than 9 lbs including the self-contained carrying case. The dimensions of the carrying case are 20" long, 15" wide, and 13" high. The spiral pan is 12" in diameter. All components are designed for rugged outdoor use with no lubrication or maintenance. Runs on 12 volts DC.

$469.99 #3052 In Stock

Pro 18'' Spiral Gold Wheel (Special Order)


The Pro Camel 18 by Camel Mining









$934.99 #3059 

Pro 24'' Spiral Gold Wheel (Special Order)


The Pro Camel 24 by Camel Mining is the big brother of the Desert Fox Gold Wheel and is the largest 12 volt automatic gold panning machine manufactured anywhere. It is a fast, high capacity machine capable of processing up to 400 pounds of placer sand per hour! This gold mining machine is for the miner who wants to process a lot of concentrates in a short time.

The Pro Camel 24" Gold Wheel has been recently redesigned to make it easier to work with. It has new legs that raise it up higher and the tailing bucket is now attached to the frame.




$1199.99  #3018 

The Miner

The Prospector

Genie Spiral Gold Wheel (Special Order)

Gold Genie is the only panner that consistently and effectively recovers 95% of the gold in concentrates down to 500 mesh. Its ability to extract all grades of gold… even flour gold, beach sand gold, and gold from impact mills… will end your frustrations and give you confidence you’re doing the best job possible. The continuous running action of Gold Genie allows you to extract the full potential of your claim in less time. It’s so effective you could process up to 100 lbs. of black magnetic sands in an hour.



The Miner - $985.99 #3020 









The Prospector - $859.99  #3021



Gold Banker Kit

Gold Cube

Gold is money..so is time! 
Move an amazing amount of material through the Gold Cube..up to 1,000 lbs. an hour...even black sand and end up with a coffee cup (or less) of super concentrates.. now that's time well spent!

It Self Cleans!
Active Vortex Zones gravitate the heavy gold downward thus forcing out lighter materials, even black sand!
Each modular tray contains thousands of these
"tornado zones" that continually purge.. you will always keep the gold while removing almost everything else automatically! Go ahead and feed the Gold Cube, it's
a very hungry machine.
It's Modular!
Stack-able and durable trays are made of "low density Poly" similar to your cutting board at home and fill about the same footprint. This makes the Gold Cube very compact yet tough and ready for any situation you can throw at it (literally) ha!

It's a No Brainer!
Everything on the Gold Cube is ready for action..Simply set it up, hook up the 12 volt pump and you're ready to go! You can pump from a creek or recycle from a tub. Why bring home the creek when all you want is the gold?

3 Stack 575.99  #3024 In Stock

4 Stack $629.99  #3025 In Stock

Gold Banker Kit $394.99  #3028 Special Order

Gold Cube Trommel

The Gold Cube Trommel is “Shovel Ready” and goes anywhere. 

Any gold prospector will tell you how important classifying is during not only primary processing in the field but also during your final clean up and recovery. There are thousands of tailings piles out there with gold because in the past, many miners were after the bigger stuff and the small gold was just left to wash away. Gold is Gold as the saying goes but today “if you can get the small you can get it all”.

Classifying to manageable size for your material has always been a very time consuming yet rewarding effort especially with the Gold Cube. Since the Gold Cube likes 1/8th material this step is critical and very easy if you are running concentrates from your dredge or sluice box but what if you are just out using only a Gold Cube as your primary equipment?

In the past we would classify with a #8 into a bucket and line these buckets up as the “feeder” would scoop all the buckets into the cube.  This method works quite well but to pre-cassify 1,000 lbs of material (about 15 buckets) could take 2 hours or more of some serious shoveling.  So here is our solution to that!

The Gold Cube Trommel is “Shovel Ready” and goes anywhere and won’t talk back.  A dependable machine that can outlast you (bring friends)!  Just try to wear out our trommel and reap the rewards. To see video  Gold Cube Trommel


? Strong 12 volt motor designed for continuous use.

? Fully adjustable.

? Hardware and template included (simply drill 4 holes)



$839.99   # 3083 ( Special Order )



Rubber Vortex Drop Riffle Mini Sluice








2'' Wide x 36'' Long $154.99 #4131   In Stock


3" Wide x 36" Long  $179.99 #4132   In Stock

Royal Gold Dust Concentrating Table

If you are tired of panning, let this machine do the work for you.

Introducing our newest product. with this table you will be able to

recover fine and flour gold easily because of the matting that we

use is like a magnet. The table measures 12" x 18". The adjustable

leveling nuts on the support bar makes the set up simple.

Operating on a 12 volt pump makes unit field usable.

We  recommend you pre-screen your concentrates down to a 20

mesh size.

Key Features

* Durable power coating finish, no corrosion

* T-500 Tsunami 12 volt pump with clips, only draws 1.8 amps

* 3oz Snuffer Bottle

* Funnel

* 1oz Glass Vial

* Paint Brush

* Royal Squeegee Card

* Black Tub with Lid

* Stainless Steel flip up Recovery tray. powder coated

* Written intructions


$389.99  #3095  In Stock


Mountain Goat Trommel

Speed up your gold processing work and increase gold recovery with the Mountain Goat Gold Trommel. This machine is aptly named because it can eat almost anything and is light enough to carry up a mountain!

The Mountain Goat Trommel is a reverse helix system built on the same principle as the huge mining trommels used by large mining companies all over the world, but this is light and portable. It is not to be confused with gravel pit trommels, though, which are designed to classify gravels.

The reverse helix system came from the Archimedes Screw Pump invented over 2,000 years ago by the mathematician Archimedes. Someone discovered that the pump brought up GOLD along with the water they were pumping out of the Nile river!

The Mountain Goat is very efficient because the spiral riffles inside of the tube turn and bring the heavy materials up to the high end of the tube while allowing the lighter materials to flow out of the back of the tube as tailings. This system makes the trommel self-cleaning, which eliminates the need to break down for clean-up as is necessary with sluice box type equipment.


$784.99  #3031 ( Special Order )

The Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery ( Series II )

This system comes with...

  • Dimensions - 30 1/2" x 12 1/4"
  • 2-stage Texture for superior gold trapping
  • Removable Water Diffuser (for cleaning).
  • Sturdy 12+" Steel rear legs with "Adjusters" to fine-tune your table's level and pitch.
  • Swivel Hose Connector
  • Hose adaptor with flow control to regulate water flow
  • 3/4" Poly Hose Bib adaptor & clamp.
  • Plastic end covers for the leg tops
  • 2" Brush for "Brooming".
  • Small "Artists Style" brush for separating out the fine gold & guiding it to the "Traps".
  • Plated Steel "Foot Pads" for stability


$169.99  #3063 In Stock


The Black Scorpion Premium Kit ( Series II )


This system comes with...


  • "Black Scorpion" Fine Gold Recovery Table - Series II
  • Hose Adaptor with Flow Control Valve
  • 3/4" Hose Connector (replaces "Hose Bib" & not shown.
  • Sturdy 12" x 3/8" Steel rear legs with "Adjusters" to fine-tune your table's level and pitch & end covers.
  • Swivel Hose Connector
  • 750 GPH Johnson 12v Cartridge Pump
  • 12v Battery Clips
  • 2" Brooming Brush
  • Fine Recovery Brush
  • 4' - 3/4" Flex Hose
  • Large 36" x 24" x 8" 'Tough Tub'
  • Tub Stand with Pump Mount, Suction Bottle Holder & Tailings Box
  • 1 - 4oz 'LiL' MotherSucker Gold Bottle
  • 1 - 2oz Gold Vial

$319.99  #3061  In Stock



MotherSucker Prospector Hand Dredge


  • Made from lightweight durable PVC.
  • 2" x 30+" Barrel gets deep [ less stooping ].
  • 27" [with rod extension] draw brings up more material from a longer pull.
  • 1 1/4" Suction Tip
  • Separated Tip = less rock jams & easy clearing.
  • 1 1/2" lined, lightweight "Flex Hose", not like the other stuff that acts like a "Poop" tube, trapping your gold, this stuff flushes clean easily and quickly.
  • Continuous feed. Recovered material is pumped into bucket on down stroke.
  • Most components easily replaceable.
  • Superior Leather Seal [ 2-cup design]
  • Easily converts to "Sniper" mode with "Included" 1/2" x 22" Sniper" Tip. ( 22" overall length - reach depth 15 1/2")
  • User changeable parts.
  • Made In Canada

          Bucket Not Included

$159.99  #3049 In Stock  (With no bucket sleeve)

$179.99  #3094 In Stock  ( With bucket sleeve)



Black Scorpion Concentrator Kit


Another awesome product from "Black Scorpion Gold Recovery Systems", and this one will really blow you away with it's simplicity, efficiency, and low price compared to other concentrating systems out there.

We all know that no matter how good a system is "Claimed" to be by it's manufacturer, you always need to re-run your tailings to extract the most you can, because virtually "NOTHING GET'S IT ALL" ( except Smelting perhaps ), and I don't care how much you spend on these "Systems" that have these fantastic claims, because you will almost always find small bits of gold somewhere in the tailings.

Our "Black Scorpion Concentrator Kit" runs 2 tiers simultaneously, and this means "Less Time-Consuming Re-Runs". In fact, some of the gold recovered, even on the first run was virtually powder (-200 mesh).

Once your done, it cleans up in seconds simply disconnect the trays from the bungy cords and dip each into a 5 gal bucket of water

With the price of the Canadian Dollar falling daily, those U.S. products are just going to get more and more expensive, and when dealing with "Fine Gold", it will take much more work to recover enough gold to actually pay for that investment.

Because the "Black Scorpion Gold Recovery Systems" are made in Canada, prices are more stable against it's U.S. counterpart.

Here's what the package consists of.....

  • Upper Sluice
  • Lower Sluice
  • Recirculating Tub
  • 500 GPH Pump (12v)
  • Battery Clamps
  • Custom Stand with Pump Mount & Hardware
  • 3' 3/4" Flex Hose
  • Hose Adaptor with Flow Control Valve
  • Male Hose Adaptor ( attaches to flex hose)
  • 1" Hose Clamp ( hose to pump)
  • 20L Bucket (5 gal approx) customized for recirculation system with 1.5" discharge & 1' 1.5" flex hose to control water flow out of the bucket and back into the tub.

This unit sets up in mere minutes, is lightweight, and can be used anywhere, even in your living room or out in the field.

It will easily run 4 mesh and smaller paydirt from your sluice, or classified down right from the bank or river

Recommended Accessories....

  • Gold Drop Water Surfactant ( helps retain small gold )
  • 20L ( 5 gal ) bucket for clean up

$299.99  #3071  In Stock

Gas Power Vac

The Royal Power Vac is designed for gold prospecting around the Echo 25.4cc 2-cycle engine that delivers more suction power than other gas vacuums on the market. It cleans gold from cracks and crevices as easily as from flat ground. It also quickly attaches to your 3" hose to run your Dry Washer. 5 year factory warrenty on engine backed by Echo. Includes: Crevice Nozzle, 6 foot long 2-1/2 inch suction hose, 16" Crevice Tool laser cut from one piece of Hardened Abrasion Resistant Steel and 2-cycle engine oil. All items fit in a .090 mil Heavy Duty five gallon bucket with an easy to open screw on lid (supplied), for convenient storage. Actual item weight: only 15 lbs!


$524.99  #3030  In Stock